Lots for which to be tHaNkFuL :)

Wednesday - World Thinking Day was fun, and I was proud of our troop. I am VERY thankful for having such a great co-leader. I didn't feel too swell, so it was nice that I had another adult to help and take the lead!

Thursday - I had my hair appointment, and I love the color and having my eyebrows waxed :) I just feel like a new woman every time I leave my hair stylist!

Friday - We had a fun day! I dressed in GREEN and was quite the shamrock loving lady!! We had a yummy green read and feed. AND, I was REALLY excited and thankful for the 35--yes THIRTY-FIVE--kids who came to the Fall Cheer intro meeting!!!

Saturday - Thankful that I went to the doctor! And, she gave me heavy duty antibiotics (2000mg a day!), so hopefully I will kick the sinus infection AND bronchitis before my trip to Vegas!!

Sunday - Going for my first motorcycle ride of 2012! It was so lovely :) I freaking ADORE driving my motorcycle!!!

Monday - My massage today :)


CRAZY headache today

So, today I woke up at 3 a.m. hacking up a lung and sweating with a fever :( I ended up staying home, one of the FEW days I stay home sick ever. (probably why I have so much sick leave accrued!)

ANYHOOT--later in the afternoon, when I wasn't spiking a fever anymore, and my coughing was controlled, I had a MONSTER headache, that I thought MIGHT go into a nasty migraine. I am THANKFUL FOR EXCEDRIN MIGRAINE and that it kicked that headache to the curb.

I don't know if this is TOM headache, or being sick, maybe sinus-related? SIGH. NO MORE SICKY...PLEASE! I gotta heal so that I am healthy when I go to Vegas, since I have so much planned for there!!!



I am thankful for the fact that we only have 10 more school Mondays until SUMMER!!! How cool is that??!! And, this is going to be one of THE best summers, I have ever experienced!



Thursday- I am thankful for surprises. I can't tell the surprise right now, I will share it in a couple of weeks, but BOY OH BOY...I LOVE SURPRISES!!!!

Friday- Fridays that our little one comes home are SO MUCH FUN! We had Papa Murphy's, played around and just enjoyed each other!

Saturday- Thankful for good times with friends :) We went to the Oyster and Prime Rib Feed at the Elks, which I am starting to feel like a regular at the Elks, since we have been going to all of their feeds lately!! It was good food, but even better, I love being there with our good friends! I love how we all get along, which I think is unique :)

Sunday - Today we headed up to Oroville for a special Girl Scout celebration of 100 years! It was fun, and I love that my co-leader and I get along so well :) We drove up together, and we planned out what we are going to do for World Thinking Day which is this next Wednesday!!


A backlog of thanks

Friday- Read Across America Day!!!!!!!!!!! This was so much fun :) I totally dressed all wild and crazy, and I wore two tutus! That's right, not one, but two!!! WAHOO :) So, cutest thing, I had a little kid at the elementary school ask me if I was Dr. Seuss's wife, which I took as a COMPLETE compliment :)) I took the NHS kids down to the elementary school, and we had so much fun, reading with the kids, eating lunch with the kids, playing at recess with the kids (watching my big high school kids jump rope and play dodge ball was a BLAST!), and how proud my step-daughter is of me :))) That means so much! I can't wait until the day when she is the big kid going with me down to the little kids :))

Saturday - I am so greatful for my honey. We had such an awesome evening Friday night. I love that he is my best friend, and that we have so much fun together.

Sunday - I did some writing. I am thankful for my gift of creativity. I love writing, and I go in bouts of not writing much. I am not talking about my blogging, but rather the novel I am working on, and some poetry.

Monday - I love my Kindle Fire :) Love it! I love all of my applications!! I had thought about buying a new laptop or an i-pad, but I LOVE my Kindle Fire, which does everything I want and need! I never thought I would enjoy reading books on it, as much as I do!! I just finished a book in less than a week.

Tuesday - I signed up my little one for softball--my favorite sport of all-time. This will be her second year, and I can't wait for her to play this year :))

Wednesday- FOR SURE EASY...Our induction ceremony for National Honor Society was tonight. I love this night :) It is such an honor to work with these kids, and see how proud their parents are for them!!



I am thankful for a family dinner out! My little one asked if we could eat out, which we sincerely hardly ever do...

So we went out to El Portal, which is a new Mexican restauarant in our town, which seems to have a plethora of Mexican restaurants. Well, let me tell ya...FABULOUS dinner!! Great food :) Fun place.

We had a fun dinner :)))) I love it when something happens spontaneous, and it's PERFECT!!

Love it! THANKFUL!


Leap Day!

I am thankful for Leap Day! It's just a fun and quirky day with a genuine necessity for our world. I had fun teaching the kiddos about it today; they were all fascinated :)))